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Schiphol taxi Groningen service

Do you need a taxi from Groningen to Schiphol? Our taxi service is ideal for this! Indeed, we are the cheapest airport taxi in the province of Groningen, based on direct transport! You always travel privately, or with your own travelling party. There are no hidden surcharges such as baggage fees or night surcharges. Our Schiphol taxi Groningen service offers inexpensive taxis to Schiphol with an excellent and reliable reputation!

Additional information about our Schiphol taxi from and to Groningen:

⦁ The rate charged is the total price for the taxi and not per person.

⦁ You always have a taxi to yourself, or with your own travelling party. We do not offer combined transport.

⦁ The taxi rate is for a maximum of 4 persons; the taxi bus rate applies for a group of 5 – 8 persons.

⦁ The rate is based on a single journey.

⦁ We offer you the option of paying by debit card or credit card in the car. A surcharge will be charged for credit card payments.

⦁ Should your town not be included in the list below, you can request a non-binding quote via info@schipholtaxivanhetnoorden.nl We will respond to your request as soon as possible. Please contact us by telephone for any urgent bookings:


⦁ Also check our last-minute trips. It may be possible to travel even more cheaply! When you order a last-minute trip, always specify this with your booking! You can find additional terms and conditions regarding last-minute trips in the main menu, under the last-minute trips section, or by clicking on the following link: Schipholtaxi of the North last-minute offers

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